CST's Upcoming Events and Other Happenings

Church of the Spiral Tree and our groves welcome church members, beginners, newcomers, solitaries, and anyone else interested in participating in open sabbat, full moon, and new moon rituals, and other get-togethers. You need no experience or knowledge to participate, but we do request you come with an open mind and heart, and show respect for your fellow participants.

Dress is casual; we do not work skyclad, to keep it family-friendly. Some rituals and meetings will be held outdoors; in that case, please wear something comfortable and appropriate. Plan for sitting on cold and/or wet ground. Children of all ages are welcome. Ritual robes are welcome but not necessary. Donations to the Church and/or grove are entirely optional but appreciated.

To make sure that adequate numbers of people will be present at these rituals so it is fun for everyone, our policy for the main CST rituals is that we must have five RSVPs by the Wednesday night before the ritual (72 hours before). To make it easy for you to RSVP and to see if the ritual will take place or not, we have Facebook event pages for the upcoming CST rituals for you to leave your RSVP, tell us what food you're bringing for potluck, and check to see who else is going.

2015 Calendar

NOTE: All dates below are subject to change. Please keep checking back as events draw closer.

December 20, 2015 (Sunday) - CST Yule Ritual, Roxanna, Auburn, AL. Site opens at 3 pm (Central time), ritual begins at 5 pm, followed by potluck and drum circle. Camping overnight is $10/person/night, must register ahead of time.

Membership in Church of the Spiral Tree or in the grove is not required to participate in any CST function; however, if you like us enough to come to several rituals and gatherings, we encourage you to join as a PAID MEMBER of CST. Your membership fee helps pay for the ritual supplies, supplies for the gatherings, postage for mailouts, and helps support the web page. You also get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you're supporting a worthwhile group that you yourself like, appreciate, and patronize! Also, there is never a charge for our rituals; however, Church of the Spiral Tree welcomes and greatly appreciates tax deductible donations of $1, $5 or even $10 to help with our expenses.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINES: The deadline for all submissions for CST newsletters are March 1 (Ostara); June 1 (Litha); September 1 (Mabon); December 1 (Yule) . Please send us your articles, stories, reports, artwork, upcoming events, etc. to churchofthespiraltree at gmail dot com.