Purpose: To act as a liaison between CST and the military. To provide assistance in becoming a Distinctive Faith Group Leader (DFGL). To provide information and assistance for setting up an open circle on a military instillation, be it stateside or forward deployed.

Chaplain: (Position Currently Vacant)

Duties: To advise CST BOD in any matters related to the military. To resolve and/or mitigate any issues that may arise between CST and the military. To assist Pagan soldiers in ensuring that their spiritual needs are meet. To coordinate and assist DFGLs. To coordinate and assist CST base reps/POC (future project). To research, develop, and implement policies and procedures for CST Military Affairs.

Base/ Instillation Reps/POC: (future project)

DFGL Information:

To become a DFGL you must have the following.
1. A sponsoring religious organization and a letter of sponsorship from said organization.
2. A sponsoring Chaplain.
3. Be a legal layleader or clergy of a religious organization, with supporting documentation.

CST Sponsorship Application

CST DFGL and Open Circle policies

Applicable Army Regulations and policies

Other helpful information:


(Position Currently Vacant)
Chaplain of Military Affairs
P.O. Box 8396
Columbus, GA 31908