Forming Local Groups

We feel the church will have a better chance of successfully meeting members' needs if it is easily and locally accessible to them; therefore, we encourage CST members of legal age, after having been paid members for at least one year, to begin their own local chapter of CST.

We are legally registered to do business in Georgia as well as in Alabama. This means that members in these states may form their own local CST group. If you are in a different state and wish to start your own group, let us know, and we can easily register for business in your state. However, we won't do that until a member requests it, due to the cost involved (minimal, but can add up), and the need for a volunteer to serve as our Registered Agent in that state.

Local CST groups are called Groves; they consist of three or more paid CST members. These three members must be legal adults, and must have been paid members for at least one year immediately prior to applying to become a Grove. While there is a minimum number of required paid CST members, any group may consist of as many non-CST members as desired, in addition to the paid members. In addition, as part of the public face and outreach of CST, all Groves are required to hold regular sabbat and/or lunar rituals that are open to the community. All Groves begin as Incipient Groves and after meeting monthly and meeting all other requirements for a minimum of a year and a day, may apply for and be granted Full Grove status. The year-long Incipient status is to ensure that the group is fully committed and has long-term goals.

Rules for Groves
Incipient Grove Application
Full Status Grove Application

Grove Application & Yearly Renewal Payment (PayPal)

On-Line Reporting & Payment for Groves

Grove/Branch Quarterly Reporting Form - Fill out form on-line (no way to attach extra files)

Grove/Branch Quarterly Reporting Form - PDF form that you download, print, fill out, and mail or scan and email back

Remember, if this is your 4th Quarter report, you must also submit payment for your yearly renewal ($20, due by January 31). To do this via PayPal, please click here.