Pagan Contacts in Alabama and Other Areas

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North Carolina


Sheridan W. Layman
Tallahassee, FL
ICQ: 10485070

So far, I have gone round the wheel of the year 1 and 3/4 cycles as a Pagan. I am a very Eclectic Pagan who leans towards the Ancient Hebrew (when Yahweh wasn't the only Hebrew god on the block) symbolism and Ancient Egyptian traditions. Part of an Eclectic Wiccan Coven called Twilight Spirit. I have two cats, household has four total. I make candles, and am becoming interested in ceramics and soap making. Would love to eventually do some metal work. I am open to the possibility of joining a fairly local coven (within 50 miles of Tally) who's work focuses on the Egyptian wheel of the year. FalconSon


Adam Cheves, Dogwood
P.O. Box 1063, Jackson, GA 30233
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: DwCr13

Merry Meet all, my name is Dogwood. I have been a solitary for a year and have been studying for five years. I am looking for other pagans in this area and hope to contact them for evens, monthly and yearly festivals.

A little bout me, I am 24 year old male. I am single at this time but I would like a good relationship with a female pagan. If not oh well....I love to walk in the woods looking at how the lord and lady works in and around me. Merry Part & Blessed Be, Adam aka Dogwood

c/o Schraders, 300 Windermere Dr., Loganville, GA 30052

Circle is in Lithonia, classes and Grove meetings are in Doraville. We are accepting members (limited basis, we're kinda small); the faith is Faery Tradition.

Rev. HPs B.J. "Moon Dragon" Doucet
Added: 7-23-02
Hogansville, GA
URL:< Br>

I am a 52 y.o. Witch with 35+ years actively in the Craft. Am an animal, human and environmental rights activist. I follow the Faery/Dragon Path handed down from my Paternal grandparents. My Cajun Maternal GranmerŠ fostered the love of working with herbs as another way to assist folks. I am a Reiki Master, thanks to the wonderful Nion, listed here. I hold no "degrees" from any group or coven, other than my Reiki, but have been guiding others in their search for a compatible Path since 1989. I will accept students and will do my best to help anyone with a serious desire to learn Paganism. I love woodworking, gardening, decorative painting, animal training/rehabbing & Ritual construction & delivery. I have been jokingly called a "High EpiscoPagan" Witch because of my desire to create a certain 'feel & energy' in my Rites. It must be the Aries sun, Taurus moon and the Scorpio ascendant coming out. (-; Please contact me at the e-mail address above if you feel I can be of assistance to you.

Belladonna Laveau
Added: 7-22-02
2370 Ebenezer Rd., Conyers, GA 30094

Merry Meet, I'm the HPs of the Covenant of WISE. We are open to new members, and offer both group participation, and personalized study courses for those who enjoy solitary practice. I have been a practicing initiate since 1989, receiving training in the Gardenarian and Dianic tradition. But I embrace all religions and traditions as paths to enlightenment, and therefore consider myself eclectic. I am also a Reiki Master, and do Past Life Regression Therapy, Crystal Healing, and Karmic Release. For more information about me our group, please visit our website. Many Blessings.

Catherine Deville
5920 Roswell Rd. Ste. B107 PMB#261, Atlanta GA 30328

I am the leader/organizer (acting HPS) of the PhoenixSpirit Clan, and Eclectic Wiccan Grove. This coven is in the process of forming. The PhoenixSpirit Clan is a coven called into being for a specific purpose. It will draw to it a specific combination of personalities which will develop a specific group dynamic.

The Grove will begin as a circle of students seeking training, dedication or initiation. Those who choose and obtain initiation will form the Circle of Initiates (or "coven") and will serve as the Priesthood for the larger community of the Grove. Those who seek only basic training in Wicca and Paganism or those wishing to be dedicated to the Wiccan path will be welcome to join us for open classes, celebratory Sabbats and to participate in the Grove as their Pagan community for as long as they are in harmony with the Path of the Phoenix.

We seek to be a "teaching coven", a spiritual community within which to celebrate, a coven which treats each member as the God/dess manifest, a working magickal group, a healing circle, a coven which takes its magickal life as seriously as it takes its social life, a coven which uses magick actively as a tool for transformation, healing and environmental and social change and an activists' coven, one which works to achieve those things which it professes to idealize.

If any of the above strikes a resonant note, please drop by our website at: and read more about where we are headed.

If you wish to know more about the person who is organizing the grove, my personal web page is:

Cerridwen ab Gawr
Added: 7-18-02
P.O. Box 674884, Marietta, GA 30006-0006
Phone: 770-516-8500
URL: and< br>

I am the HPS of the Crystal Dragon Grove and Coven of Y Tylwyth Teg, Welsh tradition of Faerie Witchcraft. Y Tylwyth Teg means the fairy folk in Welsh and was founded in the United States in 1967. Y Tylwyth Teg and its Mother Coven in Wales, Dynion Mwyn, has established numerous Covens and Groves throughout the World. We offer face to face instruction as well as e-mail and snail mail correspondence courses. We have a ordination program for training Pagan Clergy, and we charter Pagan Churches. Our ordained clergy are recognized nationwide in the US. Our church fought for and won a U.S. IRS Group Tax exemption in 1976 and all Chartered churches fall under our exemption. Although we have Open Circles from time to time, we generally are a closed Coven and do not allow non-initiates to attend our Sabbats and Full Moon Rituals. We feel the burning times are still possible. We teach a Welsh form of Witchcraft which has as it's basis in: Celtic culture, Pictish Witchcraft, Welsh Druidism, Etruscan and Mithraic religious philosophy, and ancient Western Mysteries. We teach the relinking of humanity to Nature and we consider the Earth to be our Mother. We are a duality based tradition, and consider the God and Goddess to be equal in importance, although we give deference to the female aspect. We require all students to complete a Vision Quest of three days in the solitude of Nature. Visit our Web Site to determine if our Way is for you. If any of the above strikes a resonant note, please drop by our website at: and read more about where we are coming from.

Cindy Wolf
485 Hood Ave., Fayetteville, GA 30214
URL: ab2/seductressoftheweb/index.html
ICQ: woofett

Member of the gawitches@onelist, mainly solitary kitchen witch - mother of 5.

Coven Tree Church / Atemlos
Bremen, GA
URL: isc/atemlos/coventreechurch.html

Coven Tree Church is a confederation of many paths that worship together inside a thirty foot stone circle in a small apple orchard (got smaller with Hurricane Opal) We hold meetings twice a month and all but Samhain are open to visitors. We are 10 miles from the Alabama/Georgia border on I-20. We currently have members from the Anniston area. We are less than two miles from the interstate. We like to camp, drum, teach and learn about various traditions. There will soon be a druid grove affiliated with either the ADF or the British OBOD located at this same site. Currently we have members from the following traditions; Wicca, Celtic Faery, Shamanic, Native American (blended), and Druidic. We hold our rites in ritual garb generally but visitors are encouraged to attend even if they do not wish to dress out. We do not work skyclad. Children are welcome but are not allowed in ritual until they are of an age to participate. Babysitting duties rotate between members and it is always on site. We ask people to not bring their pets to this site, as in the past we have had problems with barking dogs during ritual and police becoming very surprised when they came out on a complaint. If you need further information about Coven Tree Church check out our website listed above. It has some old pictures of the site (the picture of the circle was when it was only eighteen feet across, it is now thirty+ feet across!) and there are some of our previous rituals posted as well. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Atemlos.

Darshan Gatehouse
Fairburn, GA 30213
URL: SoHo/Den/2201/

Eclectic Thelmitic Pagan. Victorian spiritualism, classical witchcraft, pictish wicca. Vedic hindu diety manifestations, Bagavhad Gita. If it is occult I have or will read about it or study it. From Astrology, Divination (tarot, regular decks, palmistry), ESP/Parapsychology, Mythology, Dragons, Philosophy, Earth (Low) Magick, Quabala (High Magick) to Led Zeppelin. No longer with coven content solitary. Writing rituals, poems, odes. Enjoy communicating with individuals of like mind.

Ellen Horn
Added: 8-5-03
1109 B 31st Street, Columbus, GA 31904

Dr. James R. "Dr. Jim" Charnitski
Carrollton, GA

James Monday
Added: 8-5-03
328 McPherson St. Apt. 1, Bremen, GA 30110
AOL Instant Messenger screen name: wolfpck1

Jessica-Jaymes Cone
Added: 11-5-12
1057 Blasingame Road, Fort Valley, GA 31030
I'm an Eclectic Wiccan. I love learning the many traditions that are out there and applying the knowledge I've found. I have been a practicing witch since I was 11yrs old, I did not get much support from my family so coming out of the broom closet was very hard. I am looking to meet friends and start a coven or study group.
Updated: 10-20-04
Carrollton, GA
Yahoo and AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: LeePhether
ICQ#: 43071082
Yahoo Name: DiffStrks
Quickly approaching middle-aged eclectic spiritual practitioner which includes but is not limited to The Olde Religion, Native American, Angelic, and Wiccan (English trained (3rd) Gardenarian), Reiki Master following the Usui, Lightarian and other non-traditional methods: I do Reiki sessions, chakra balancings, energy work, and Reiki attunements for those interested. I also am a Gathered Master/Servant (Green) and do Angelic healings, (working with oils and tuning forks). Ordained Clergy (CST and ULC) for handfastings, wiccanings, and Requiems (passing on rites).

Lisa Smith
Updated: 7-26-04
Temple, GA, Carroll/Douglas/Paulding/Haralson Co. area
MSN Instant Messenger Screen Name: daesin3
Homeschooling mom of 3 who works from home as a virtual assistant hoping to meet others of similar path.

Added: 12-18-02
Atlanta, GA
Eclectic Pagan (ask me and I will share)
(email me and I can give you my AIM)
I have been in Atlanta area a few years now. I miss all the CST people; it's been a while since I've been able to come out of work mode. Anyone in Atlanta area wishing to chat or just meet a new friend with similar interests or just an open mind, contact me!

Mae Silverpaws
Added: 12-18-02
Columbus, GA
Hi, my name is Mae, I have been married for about 13 yrs now. I'm a mom to two boys ages 11 and 12 we live in Columbus Ga. I run a couple e-loops, WithcesNPagansOfGa and WitchesNPagansof Columbus ( ( Would love to hear from you. Mae

Mark T. Jones (aka: Lord Mornstar*, Omar)
80 Christian Dr. (No comments please...), Newnan, GA 30263
Phone: 770-304-9847
AOL Instant Messenger screen name: Findolyn
ICQ: 791995
First Initiated 1978, Bedford, VA. Now acting contact for 1Coven, an association of various Pagans in the Coweta/Fayette Co. area. Feel free to contact me. Been married 15 yrs. to a wonderful Southern Baptist and we have 3 kids and a dog, and NO religious conflicts. Visit us at most Dragon Hills events. Look for the large canvas display or ask for Crazy Omar's.

Updated: 1-14-03
Carrollton, GA
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: Nion011
ICQ#: 43071082
Middle-aged eclectic spiritual practitioner which includes but is not limited to The Olde Religion, Native American (member of the Bird and Turtle Clans of the Free Cherokees), Angelic, and Wiccan (English trained (3rd) Gardenarian), Reiki Master following the Usui and other non-traditional methods: I do Reiki sessions, chakra balancings, energy work, and Reiki attunements for those interested. I also am a Gathered Master (Violet) and do Angelic healings, (working with oils and tuning forks). Ordained Clergy (CST) for handfastings, wiccanings, and Requiems (passing on rites).

Pair Dynion Grove of the Old Religion, Clan Ragan
Updated: 2-23-04
P.O. Box 9363, Marietta, GA 30062
Online: Profile of a working traditional coven of the Prytani tradition. Articles, essays, news, views and opinions. Includes excerpts from newsletter LEAVES by Temple of Danann, our Elders' (Grandfather Michael Ragan) group in Indiana. Links to sources and resources. Classes. Contact information. Principles of belief. Code of honor. Ethics. Recommended Reading List and more... Frequently updated and always growing. Dedicated in service to the Elder Gods and their Children. A network of traditional Crafters. Dedicated to serving the Greater Community with information, news and resources for the Seeker of the root traditions of the current "New Age" religious phenomenon.

Prophetess Princess
Added: 7-17-02
P.O. Box 893, Villa Rica, GA 30180

I would like to meet others with similar interest. I am solitary studying Kabbalah & Wicca.

Randy Jones..aka Bear
Updated: 7-17-02
Kennesaw, GA
Other Chat Info: talk city..local-atlanta..da1bear
My tradition is not exactly traditional..hehe. I am a solitary open minded, I lean towards Native American with a touch of eclecticism. i.e. some Celtic, Egyptian, and whatever feels right. I am not a member of any coven, or group per se. Me and my best friend do often work together, and I have many wonderful friends among the pagan community (and you CST'ers know who you are).

River aka Ann Pritchard
Austell, GA
ICQ: 57594057
I am the current president of the Kennesaw State University Student Pagan Organization named EarthSpiral in Kennesaw, Georgia..we love to have you come join us at a meeting. Please get in touch for more information. I myself love to make new friends in the community also and share ideas. I am college student in my early twenties always looking to learn new things and meet new people. Peace!

Rhuddlwm Gawr
P.O. Box 672125, Marietta, GA 30006-0036

I am the Hp of the Church and Grove of Dynion Mwyn in Georgia a Welsh tradition of Faerie Witchcraft. Dynion Mwyn means the "Gentle Folk" in Welsh and was founded in the United States in 1967. Dynion Mwyn, has established numerous Covens and Groves. We offer face to face instruction as well as e-mail and snail mail correspondence courses. We have a ordination program for training Pagan Clergy, and we charter Pagan Churches. We helped fight for and win a U.S. IRS Group Tax exemption in 1976. Although we have Open Circles from time to time, we generally are a closed Coven and do not allow non-initiates to attend our Sabbats and Full Moon Rituals. We feel the burning times are still possible.
We help sponsor The original Gathering of the Tribes in Georgia and have for over 30 years. We teach a Welsh form of Witchcraft which has as it's basis in: Celtic culture, Pictish Witchcraft, Welsh Druidism, Etruscan and Mithraic religious philosophy, and ancient Western Mysteries. We teach the relinking of humanity to Nature and we consider the Earth to be our Mother. We are a duality based tradition, and consider the God and Goddess to be equal in importance, although we give deference to the female aspect. We require all students to complete a Vision Quest of three days in the solitude of Nature. Visit our Web Site to determine if our Way is for you. If any of the above strikes a resonant note, please drop by our website and read more about where we are coming from.

ShadowCat the Wizard
Updated: 2-20-04
Warner Robins, GA
URL: at
AOL IM: pookawiz
ICQ: 8262025
Yahoo: shadowcatthewizard
Humble Wizard am I. Continual seeker on knowledge and clarity. Enjoy sharing my Gifts with others, and learning from them in turn. At one time Gardenarian, with Native American connections. Attend Inipi at times. Mitake Oyasin! Strong Celtic Druidish leanings. My Da's mother and father came here from Ireland.

Shawn Johnson AKA Topazz
Added: 7-18-02
Ft. Benning, GA
URL: com/stormyrayne28/myhomepage/profile.html

Stuart Phillips
Updated: 6-26-03
Macon, GA
Magickal Website:
Miscellaneous Stuff Website:
AIM: x777Dragon
ICQ: 2289249
YIM: wyrdpagan
Age: 24, Scorpio/Saggitarius Cusp
Tradition: Mainly a mix of European paths with bits of Eastern. Semi-Solitary eclectic. (since 1997ish) Looking at it as a mix of magick and science. Commercialized religion is not for me.

Training: I prefer to learn things on my own or through casual learning with other people. As of this writing I am Reiki 1 + 2 attuned. I thank my attuners. After I learn more about Reiki, I plan to become Reiki 3.

Special Interests / Hobbies: Medieval crafts, computers, healing, Reiki, gemstones, anything dealing with energy, spiritualism, psychic abilities, silver, dimensional travel, and just about anything else that catches my interest.

Coven: I guess you could call it that. A very loosely organized group of maybe about 7-10 magickal folk.

E-Group: Middle Georgia Pagan Alliance. Created mainly for the middle Georgia magickal community. As of this update there are about 25 members.

I will answer questions and also willing to listen.

The Temple of Isis
Added: 7-18-02
1400 3rd Ave., Columbus, GA
706-561-7844 / 706-566-2954, or 706-563-5005 / 706-577-3230
Webmaster questions:
AOL Instant Messenger screen name (webmaster): look up by
Please go to our site and join our Yahoo group!

We are a metaphysical church; we have all beliefs and religions join us. We meet the first Saturday of every month. Come at 6:30 pm and enjoy a covered dish fellowship or at 8 pm for the service. Our services are metaphysical and are devoted to how we live each day. We also have a 3rd Saturday meeting (check our web site calendar) at 3 pm where we learn about alternate pagan and witchcraft practices. The first Saturday is structured and the 3rd Saturday is fun.

We teach on many items of interest such as but not limited to white witchcraft, actual craftmakings, candlemaking. We have seances, readings past and future, we let others give classes on their religions and study them in different group settings individually such as eclectic witchcraft, santaria, white witchcraft, deities, wicca (sort of ), christian witches, Indian pow wow, you name it we have it..We have many members, each with their own personal belief system. Our main goal is to help people find their own path and gifts that are there all along.

Triest Wolf-and-Hunter
Updated: 7-18-02
Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30342
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: americanwiccan
ICQ: americanwiccan
Other Chat Info: I use yahoo mostly

If I can be of service to anyone in the Pagan community, please do not hesitate to email me. I am a solo eclectic Strega-Wiccan, if there is such. I am part of I live in Atlanta, but will try to make CST's festivals when possible. I am a counselor, if anyone needs such and also a Libra.

Vickey Brickle-Macky
P.O. Box 95327, Atlanta, GA 30347
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name:

I design Pagan, Celtic and Fantasy cross stitch patterns and do handpainted needlepoint canvases. Lots of dragans, Green Man, goddesses. shamans, pagan samplers,--a little bit of everything. I also do custom work and can create either a custom canvas or cross stitch chart. Am looking to do altar pieces, robes, whatever you need. Also original paintings and other arts and crafts available too. 30+ year eclectic solitary studying wicca, goddess studies, shamanism, tarot, runes, herbs, kitchen witchery, and applying magic to arts crafting. My paintings and craft items are found in Atlanta area shops and also at Science Fiction conventions and hopefully pagan festivals in the future.

Virginia Hauldren - Firestorm
Warner Robins, Ga
ICQ #48709214 Liebe
MSN Messenger - enter the e-mail address above

I am a life-bonded, solitary, eclectic pagan holding more to native American and traditional witchcraft practices. I have recently returned to Warner Robins after living away for quite some time. Unfortunately, it hasn't changed much. Churches are still a dime a dozen and other pagans tend to be low profile. I have been studying witchcraft since 1996, although I do not claim to be anywhere near the level that I feel I should be. Mostly, I am looking for others of like mind to chat with, and (if a friendship sparks) celebrate the turning of the wheel. My hobbies are reading and writing, I enjoy crafts, and have a strong pull towards alternative medicines and herbal lore.

Willow Blue
P.O. Box 374, Bremen, GA 30110

Hoping to meet more pagans.


C. L. Hankins II
P. O. Box 441308, Indianapolis, IN 46244

I am an ordain Asatru clergy person, I perform weddings, funerals, and do pastoral counseling.

I follow the path of Norse Heathenism / Asatru, but am familiar with several other paths.

I am a member of The Troth, Inc (Steward for the State of Indiana), the American Vinland Association, WARD, PEN, and PSAA.

I am the leader of the Indiana Asatru Council, and the Godi for Grarulfr Heath.

The IAC participates in many community programs to include park clean ups, food & clothing drives, and teaching classes.

David Sassman
Updated: 7-22-02
PO Box 24072, Indianapolis, IN 46224
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: Indywiz

My partner and I have been in the "Craft" for over 12 years in the Indianapolis area. We are members of the 1st church of W.I.C.C.A. and the Midwest Pagan Councl and the Pagan Community Council of Ohio. We are always looking to expand our contactsnd Have vended at festivals in IN, MI, IL,and MO. If you are in the area please give us a call or drop off a note and lets try to get together for coffee and conversation. BB & Unlock the Magick.

The Most Active Heathen Group in America!
Write to: INDIANA ASATRU COUNCIL, P.O. Box 441308, Indianapolis, IN 46244
Join our e-groups: IndianaAsatru@ and

Who We Are:

The Indiana Asatru Council was founded in 1994CE to promote the religion of Asatru in the State of Indiana. The Indiana Asatru Council is the oldest and most active state Asatru council. The Council will act as a clearinghouse for information about Asatru and kindreds/groups in Indiana, and will assist in the formation of new kindreds/groups within the state. The Council will maintain a networking list of those interested in Asatru in Indiana and will facilitate in bringing people together for the purpose of forming kindreds/groups.

To this end, the Council may, sponsor study groups on appropriate subjects. The Council may also organize Al ings and events, and may sponsor open worship services.

Things We Do:
1. The IAC holds open meeting and weekly get together.
2. The IAC hold 'Open' monthly rituals.
3. The IAC sponsors 'Open' workshops, and classes.
4. The IAC maintains a traveling speakers tour.
5. The IAC acts as a clearinghouse for information about Asatru, and about Asatru groups in Indiana.
6. The IAC facilitates bringing people together to form groups, and or follow the path of Asatru.
7. Over the last six years the leadership of the IAC have hosted, or CO-hosted nine local/national Asatru events.
8. The IAC has sponsored, and help in the formation of five other states Asatru councils.
9. The IAC has brought to the state of Indiana known published authors to speak, or teach about Asatru.
10. The IAC helps in the forming of Kindreds in the state.
11. The IAC maintains one of the largest private owned Asatru or Nordic related libraries in North America (Over 600 titles).
12. The IAC maintains open contact with the area hospitals .
13. The IAC maintains open lines of communication with the state, county, and local police departments. And teaches officers, and investigators about Asatru, and the rituals of our faith.
14. The IAC is a consultant for the state prison system on what is Asatru.

Skilna ur eins og vinur

C L Hankins II


Indiana Asatru Council


Brunehilde (Gryphon's Nest)
3800 Dryades St., New Orleans LA 70115
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: Slpygryph
ICQ: 14911338

The store - We carry a large variety of herbs and essential oils as well a gerneral aromatherapy, ritual tools, jewelry....and more more more :-) If your in town come by and see us.

The People - We have a small group of very eclectic people who have a wide range of experience, in trad's such as Greek, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Discordian, and stuff.

C.U.U.P.S. Swamp Witches Chapter
First U-U Church of New Orleans
2903 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118

Joshua Roper
Houma, LA
IRC nick - Niebelung

Just moved here, and would like some *pagan* friends :) I follow the Norse path, and my betrothed is Celtic Wiccan.

Krys Statho
added: 12-18-02
New Orleans, LA

I am a member of the Faerie Faith, Gathered Masters/Angelic Gate and I work with/have experience with Reiki, Accutuning, Pendulum dowsing, Sweatlodges, Vision Quests, Totem animals & dance meditation. Interested in learning more about acupuncture, ley lines and herbology.

Lilith Donovan
3664 E. Loyola Dr., Kenner, LA 70065

Started studying in 1970. Interested in energy working, teaching and healing. I follow the Darkflame tradition. I am a third degree high priestess in that tradition. I currently work with the New Orleans CUUPS Chapter/Swamp Witches. The Swamp Witches are a open to public group that holds open Full Moon and Sabbats and meets every Thursday at 7:30pm in the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, 2903 Jefferson Avenue( corner of Jefferson Ave. and S. Clairebourne).

Pete Abbotsford
New Orleans, LA

Member, CUUPs chapter of First Unitarian Church of New Orleans.


Jeremy Moseley
Added: 8-8-12
Port Huron, MI
Phone: (810) 956-4239

I am 30 years old been in the Craft going on 5 years now. I started out in Wicca and i am now an Apprentice Pagan Tribal Mage in the Greenwolf Clan of Tribal Magi, I am also 1st Chieftain and Ritual Leader. I am Study the Path of a Mage Priest (The Priest- the Magi of Faith and Religion) A Pagan Tribal Mage is a Person who study the magick, honor, faith of different tribal people of the world. we practice and study as a family and the groups that we form are called Clans or Tribes. We have a 5 tier Learning Program as Magi 1.Novice 2.Apprentice 3.Mystic 4.Elder 5.Master. My Mundane life consist of Helping my Family and Friends and hanging-out with them. I like to play video games and listion to music of all kinds but favorably I like rock. I also work and attend college Part Time. I been with the Church of the Spiral Tree Since 2010.

John Gossett (aka Draconis Elbereth)
Added: 8-5-03
Dorr, MI
URL: Circleofthesacredmoon.html

Group is getting off the ground....eventually we may become a branch of CST, but that remains to be seen. Please put me in as a contact for any Pagans can use our site URL as you wish.


Billy Holder
Updated: 7-22-02
#7 old Hickory Ave, Chalmette, LA 70043
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: Bxhldr
ICQ: 37237577
Wanting to start a study group for anyone in the area. Contact me for more info.

Rev. Barton Boehm
345 Ulman Ave., Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

High Priest and founder of Church and shoppe with wife/partner Rev. Bridget Boehm. We are a fully legal church affiliated with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church in Washington State.

North Carolina

Ailora Raven Silverfoot
North Carolina
I am an eclectic-healer/shaman who enjoys runes, tarot, past lives, and many other things.

Richard "Obsydyan" Eicher
21780 Old Wire Rd. Apt. A, Wagram, NC 28396
ICQ: 11745260

Co-Founder, Priest and Scribe of WillowFyre Coven. Wiccan Priest drawing on childhood education of Native American spirituality blended with mostly Wiccan and a few other elements to develop a hybrid that I am comfortable with. Skyclad practioner who is open and supporting of most paths and is willing to help anyone find what is right for THEM!

Sarah McDavid
Added: 11-22-05
518 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27406
Pagan/Wiccan Message Board: m

I am a 34 year old Celtic Druid. I have been on this path for over 17 years and have been teaching basic and intermediate Wicca for nearly 4 years. I am a High Priestess of Coven of the Crystal Cauldron. I accept new students 3 times a year. And am most willing to assist seekers in anyway I can. I also own a wonderful gift and coffee shop with a large pagan/wiccan section. I also host a Pagan/Wiccan message board. Feel free to email me with any questions.


Melody Lynn Jenkins
Added: 11-18-10
439 Buena Vista Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43228-1105
Phone: 614-843-0557 or 614-446-9972
Email: or
URL: &

I am a Christian Witch. I have been a solitary since 1994 and have recently joined a Wiccan coven (Ravens of the Earth) who know my path and did not mind having a Christian Witch in their coven!
I have resided in the Columbus, Ohio area all of my life. I hold degrees from the Ohio State University and the University of Sedona & Metaphysics. I am an Ordained Minister and, along with my family, hold Spiritual Home Gatherings, drawing people from backgrounds as diverse as Christian, Wiccan, Buddhist, and Spiritualist. I have been gifted as an Intuitive Seer & Healer. I am an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, receiving my Reiki Training at The Reiki Center in Columbus, Ohio. I am also certified in Animal Reiki. With more than 30 years of spiritual service & education, I have personally blessed and prayed with thousands of people and participated in hundreds of house blessings, counseling sessions, exorcisms, teachings, and training exercises. I enjoy reading, studying Druidism and Celtic Christianity, the Christian Mystics, the Old & New Testament, the Pseudepigrapha, the Apocrypha, and Other Sacred Texts. I am fascinated by Ley Lines, Energy Vortexes, The Paranormal, Crop Circles, and Astrology. I also enjoy divining Runes & Runic Tarot & Dowsing, and am just now getting into reading Tea Leaves. I like BeadWork, Drum Circles, Auras & Chakras, writing in my Journal, keeping a Grimoire, going to festivals with my hubby, and playing with my 2 Bulldogs (Ernie & Nieda), my Parrot (Buster), and my Bunny (Murphy).
I also have a business (Barefoot Path) which offers healing through reiki energy, tuning fork body harmonization, massage, detoxifying foot baths, light & sound therapy, color & crystal therapy, chakra balancing, intuitive beadwork, meditation, and many other modalities. I have an organics store and also a witchcraft store offering over 5000 spiritual & metaphysical items.

Added: 7-29-05
Wadsworth, Ohio

I am an intuitive advisor, palm and tarot reader, empath, and teacher of self awareness. I am an interfaith minister, embracing the path of Spirituality. These groups are open to new members searching for truth in light, peace and blessings! Moms/ (Women Only sharing the goddess within); (Locals Sharing and Gatherings).


Kenneth Teague Brennan
Added: 10-17-02

I am an Irish "Faery Traditionalist" Not "Faery-Wiccan". Strictly hereditary Faery tradition. Author of the 1992 "To Be Faery" and the forthcoming "Guidebook for Faery Souls."

As of this date I am not a CST member or Minister, (just found the organization) I am however, an established Universalist Minister specializing in Pagan and Celtic themed marriages.

Professionally, I teach and perform Irish Music and Irish Dance.

Interested in friendly discussions of non-political Faery/Goddess/Pagan, etc. issues. Also interested in possibly forming a CST grove in the Pennsylvania/Delaware area.

Will kindly offer any advice, information or opinion asked. However, I am long past the Christian hating/blaming game but will share my knowledge of the Irish Pagan-Christian tradition with serious inquirers.


Updated: 6-24-03
Antioch, TN

Temporary Handmaiden of the Circle of Moon's Inkwell and acting priestess of the "Nashville Group", an informal extension of M.I., Magda is a 2nd Degree Bardic Universalist Pagan, with ideas centering around the Greco-Judaic path mixed with Fae work and a strong belief in Jungian philosophy and the power of Story.

GreyFix and Ember
Added: 7-18-02
Lenoir City, TN 37771-7756 (5 min. SW of Knoxville)
MSN: Greyfix
yahoomsngr: Greyfix

Greyfix & Ember are very much a part of the Knoxville & surrounding areas activities. We welcome the curious or the questor, to ask, to seek, to share. Brother (and Sister) of Serpenstone, Rainbowbridgebuilders, KAP&W, NSC, TiN, Temple of Serenity. We schedule open events at our place: drumming at firepit, social, ritual etc.

LadyHawke of Moon's Inkwell
Updated: 7-22-02
Family of SerpentStone
BirdClan of the Free Cherokee
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
YIM ID: sabre_hawke

Wiccan Universalist - Eclectic to Traditional High Priestess, Circle of the Moon's Inkwell, a Bardic Circle working on recreating the Art and Science of the Old Bards. "Crafting a Bardic Tradition." Email contact welcome.

Midnight and Emerald Moon
Added: 7-18-02
Sequatchie County, TN
AOL Instant Messenger screen name: DytsyBych, Witchcrawler
ICQ - 53701059

Midnight and I have three daughters and an assortment of pets. We are currently practicing solitary (and with the kids and other family members). I am the interim TN director of AREN. Our pet project is :)

Nikiah Austin
Added: 6-2-03
Johnson City, TN

Looking for wiccans in my area.

Updated: 7-22-02
Oneida, TN

40-something Pagan dad in east Tennessee.

Renee Holmes
Updated: 2-18-11
Areas: Cookeville, Sparta, Crossville, and Monterey Areas *LOL* Backwoods Tn Cat

Backwoods spiritual Pagan, interests in rocks, crystals, oils, herbs, many things nature and "empathy." Walk the healing side of life, self taught in school of hard knocks.

Cookeville, TN
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: saturninatwo
ICQ: 45018321

Merry Meet!! 20-something married Pagan lady, student of NorthWind Tradition. I welcome any and all email. I love festivals and am always looking for a new song or chant to learn!!


Natalie Yarborough
Added: 7-23-02
N. Dallas, TX
AIM: shadowsfilly


Mistress Toad
Updated: 7-22-02
Eclectic solitary
Devoted to Kali Ma
Enjoys discourse with laid back, open minded Pagans